Putting God First

1610-AM in Largo, 96.5 FM in Pinellas Park.

Full-Service Radio, from the people you can trust.

Just say 'Alexa, play WBGS.'

On the air at 1610-AM in Largo, and 96.5-FM in Pinellas Park, and live streaming on any device.

Get news, your local weather, traffic reports, community announcements, live call-in talk shows, sports and family-friendly entertainment, around the clock.

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A legal, Part-15 Radio Station

The Federal Communications Commission allows for license-free, low-power broadcasting for hobbyists and Broadcast enthusiasts. WBGS is part of a world-wide family of hobby broadcasters, in compliance of FCC Part-15.219 rules and regulations.

FCC Part-15.219 regulations allow a power output of 100 millowats, 


Quick tour of WBGS Studio

More photos to come as WBGS continues to grow and prosper

24 hours,

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Programme Guide